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Computer solutions is a small computer services company dedicated to quick and quality repair of many electronic devices, computers and laptops. We primarily specialize in PC, computer and laptop repair, which is how the company was started in 2006. We have since invested time in understanding and studying the use of other devices commonly in use by today’s public. As a result we have expanded our repair skills to be able to diagnose and repair mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, either under the Android or IOS operating systems.

The company was originated in Wroclaw, Poland, in 2006 and has since been operating in both America and Canada. Due to the small size of the company, our IT-Technician works closely with the client technical concerns to properly diagnose the problem and recommend the most optimal option in terms of performance and price. Our on-site repair service offers flexibility to our clients, as many desktop and computer repair issues are complicated by bringing computers to store locations. In such cases we find it more convenient to perform the repair from your home or small-business, making the repair faster and more efficient. In the case of laptops and mobile devices we typically ask for drop-off, as in these cases we often require ordering new parts. Visit our computer repair company not to miss getting C++ homework help from services such as mycodinghomework and save your time for full student life.

IT Technician

Our certified IT Technician originally employed in a middle-sized company, has had in-depth experience working with computer networks, and both computer hardware and software. Upon leaving the company to pursue entrepreneurship, he has since devoted his time and training to interact with clients one-on-one. This has provided freedom to solve technical problems using a greater variety of methods, along with a greater range of experience. As we require that our employees be fully certified in both necessary CISCO and Microsoft level certifications, our IT Technician is continuously upgrading current certifications to meet the evolving technological market demands. This ensures that we will provide you with a solution which he sees fit for every individual case, with the motive of ensuring that you benefit from the repair in both the short and long term. This is the concept which services providing computer science homework help follow in their work too – be maximally versatile and knowledgeable in all areas of knowledge.

Detail of Services

Typical company services range from personal mobile and smartphone device repair to small-business computer network repairs. Most common computer repair issues are categorized as computer or printer failure, the need for virus removal, system corruption or loss of data, problems surrounding internet – related to LAN and WIFI – and general computer performance enhancements. We find these to appear most often, however we have dealt with less common technical support very successfully. We are equipped to provide immediate repair in most cases, however often times we require ordering new parts, thus averaging repair times as roughly a week or two. Typically our IT technician will consult with clients for a few minutes to recommend whether or not a repair is beneficial. When repair is deemed as desired and necessary, we offer temporary solutions while waiting for the delivery of new parts, or immediate full-repair for smaller upgrade concerns. For optimization and ranking services contact seo toronto, and for marketing and media services contact seo montreal.




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