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We offer services to build your own custom computers that match your needs.

Custom Made Home Computer Montreal Build Your Own PC for Home or Office Computer We can build your own custom PC computer! Provide us with information such as intended computer use and budget, and we can combine the parts to create the computer you desire within your price limit. All components come with warranty.
Custom Build Quiet PC Computer Montreal Build Your Own Quiet PC ComputerWe can build you a computer balanced between a powerful and quiet machine, by installing special low noise fans, a quiet power supply with a noise absorption case and SSD disks.
Custom Build-Gaming PC Computer Montreal Build Your Own Gaming PC Computer Customizing a gaming PC requires special attention to key areas like a strong video card, powerful CPU and a large amount of memory. Our gaming configuration will provide you a  great experience with the newest 3D game entertainment.
Custom Build Powerful Computer Montreal Build Your Own Powerful ComputerWe can design you a strong computer for more advanced computing needs such as video editing, 3D modeling, work on CAD software, and simulation. We combine high speed bandwidth SSD with traditional space storage on HDD and enough processing power to match advanced computing needs.
Custom Build Mini PC Computer Montreal Build Your Own Mini PC ComputerBased on the Mini-ITX and Nano-ITX form factor motherboards, these Mini PCs can reduce your computer size to a small easily portable box ! These machines are very specialized, and require consultation to provide you with the computer you desire. Please contact us with your computer preferences and we will put it together to match your needs.
Custom Build MicroATX PC Computer Montreal Build Your Own MicroATX ComputerMicroATX PC computers can be a great combination of the power of a full size system, with a reduced size by packing it into MicroATX tower only one foot high. You can still use a medium video card, have multiple hard drives, and more!
Custom Build HTPC Montreal Build Your Own HTPCSpecially designed to be your entertainment center, the Home Theater PCs give you advanced DVR functionality, and will also play your DVDs and music. You can use this computer to drive your home media centre.