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Desktop computer and laptop fan cleaning

A few days ago a client brought his nearly new laptop which was experiencing spontaneous shutting down. The laptop was only around 6 months old but frequently exposed to a dirty environment. I opened it and I saw an accumulation of dust and the fan had significant difficulty moving air through the radiator. It is very important to clean your home desktop computers along with portable laptops at least twice a year. It will help them stay cool and maintain quiet operation. At times, especially with laptops, it is necessary to replace a fan to have your computer operate quietly at a proper temperature. It is often better to replace a fan than purchase a new computer that is subject to overheating. Laptops are very sensitive at long term high temperatures because chip graphic cards can generate a lot of heat when it is necessary for them to remain cool. When  the graphic cards and motherboard chips are overheated in this way, the cost of repair is significantly higher than fan replacement and/or fan cleaning.