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Laptop Repair Diagnostics

Our technician at Computer Solutions has seen several common laptop repair problems, whether they are small or on a larger scale. We have had experience diagnosing a wide range of laptop malfunctions with experience in both small-business sector and general personal computer repair problems. We diagnose hardware and software problems and cover computer upgrades ranging from local system enhancement to complete system overhaul. We provide virus detection analysis and subsequent virus removal for both the Windows and Linux operating systems.

Typical laptop problems are listed below along with estimated repair pricing. For further information don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

*see below

Laptop Keyboards malfunctions can arise from exterior damage (liquid spillage primarily), however general electrical damage or wear can result in keyboard damage. Whether a replacement is required or we find it more worthwhile to fix your existing keyboard call us for a diagnosis today and have your computer working shortly.Prices start at $60.

Laptop LCD Screen repair and Typical LCD screen damage resulting from an impact is a simple problem that can be quickly and efficiently resolved. Provide us with your machine model and we immediately order the necessary parts to repair and return your laptop at competitive prices.Prices start at $95.

Laptop Overheating is a common problem arising with older laptops, and when repaired can greatly increase the laptop performance and increase average computer lifetime. Common signs that overheating can be a concern include untimely resetting of your laptop, during normal computer activity your machine switches off without being able to reboot itself. Usually the laptop can resume to normal after a few hours, however this is an indication that overheating may be an issue. Overheating causes your laptop to perform at increased noise as a result of poor cooling. In this case there is a reduced flow of air, which required fan repair.Prices start at $45 for cleaning and $65 for fan replacement.

Screen Lighting and Screen damage resulting in back-light malfunction causes constant dimming of the screen image. In older computers an inverter replacement can extend computer lifetime and is a cost-efficient approach to maximizing the use of your laptop. Prices start at $129.

Laptop Touchpad/Button Replacement.Prices start at $65.
Motherboard/Video Card Repair.Prices start at $65.

Laptop Battery Replacement.Prices start at $50.

Laptop DC Jack Repair.Prices start $60.

Laptop Hinge Repair.Prices start at $60.

Notebook Hardware Upgrade Replacement of notebook/computer processors is a desirable approach to enhancing your computer performance. We provide main memory RAM increase and exchange. In addition to this we also

  • exchange of network cards,
  • exchange/repair of CD/DVD/BLU-RAY drives, and
  • exchange of damaged hard disks (moving data from an old disk)


Price estimates provided.

Windows OS Clean Installation/OS Upgrades/Reversals.You can increase the speed of your computer performance by clean installing the entire OS. You will notice an immediate drop in your computer boot-up time and general improvement in nearly all computer activity. We provide clean installation for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.Price (standard service) $60.

Virus Removal/Protection Computer virus detection and removal is the first stage of speeding up the performance of your machine. Protecting your computer from future security infections and viruses is necessary to maintain machine life and capability. We remove spyware, malware, trojan viruses, and non-authentic antiviruses. In the second stage we install firewall and antivirus security for future safety.Price (standard service) $50.

* Diagnostics are preformed free of charge only when proceeding with service, otherwise a 40$ fee is applied.