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Top 10 Tips for iPhone Battery


1 . Reduced brightness of your iphone because it utilizes more energy when lighting and brightness are at full . Reducing the brightness not just benefits your battery but additionally decreases the tension in your sight

2 . Turn Wireless wi-fi Cellular Data and Bluetooth off when not being used . And stay away from turning both Cellular Data and Wireless wi-fi simultaneously . When in your own home , use the Wireless wi-fi and switch off Data and Bluetooth . Whenever possible , turn radio signals when not in use

3 . Turn off location services on settings for apps which you don’t actually use and doesn’t actually need location services . You could always turn it on once you really have tobut the majority of the time , turn it off to preserve battery .

4 . Background App Refresh may be switched off in settings so that applications that aren’t used wouldn’t consume data whilst you’re not using it . This function would it a lot of battery if switched on because it will be using data in the background even though you don’t need to .

5 . Do Not Disturb not just prevents you from distraction but additionally decreases the vibration or sound that the phone can make when the phone is in idle

6 . Push Data on Email may be switched off on settings so you don’t waste your battery much . By turning this off you won’t have the ability to get your emails on real timehowever the things you can do is verify your mail manually and frequently if you need to . Push data on email consumes up data as it checks for data occasionally

8 . Turn Siri Off when you don’t actually use the robot . Siri generally waits in the background and might use plenty of energy from your phone reducing its battery life .

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