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Used laptops Buying Guide


Inspect the Physical Condition of the Laptop:

Before you buy used a laptop, make sure to inspect its physical condition. It’s unfortunate that the condition of a laptop begin to degrade after use for awhile depending on how the previous owner maintained it. Most of the times the screen or body gets scratched, ensure the keys of the keyboard are complete, make sure there is a CD Drive available and check the number of ports available.

Check The Keyboard:

Take your time and inspect the laptop; make sure the keys on the keyboard are complete, test each key to be sure it works.

Test the CD Drive:

Run a CD on the CD Drive and make sure it works because you will definitely need it in installing applications or transferring data from CDs.

Check the Screen:

Make sure the screen is not broken or scratched, power the laptop to be sure the screen is functional and has good lightening.

Check the Battery:

Used laptop batteries are often weaker,  you must ensure to test the battery to see how long it can hold power. Plug the power adopter on the laptop to ensure the battery also charges properly.

Check Hard Drive:

When buying a used laptop, one of the thing you must look at is the size of the hard drive and its conditions. Make sure to choose only a laptop with big enough hard drive memory, pay attention to the sound of the laptop when its powered on to see if the hard drive has any sort of disturbing sounds because faulty hard drives always give out some sort of disturbing sounds while running.

How Much RAM:

No one wants a slow laptop whether new or used. It is very important you consider the size of RAM before buying any used laptop. Make sure to choose a used laptop with enough RAM to carry out your operations without wasting your time and resources.

Check the Ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Webcam, Microphone:

Check the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Webcam and Microphone in proper condition. If any of these are broken, it may cost you a lot to replace.

Check the Operating System Installed:

A very important factor to consider while buying a laptop. Make sure to buy the laptop with your preferred version of the operating system.